Overland Boards started out as an aluminum solution, a replacement for my old cruiser skateboard from middle school that had delaminated and had literally fallen to pieces.  The first aluminum skateboard I made after my senior year of high school was by no means remarkable in any way, but the personal experience of skating a deck I had just cut was mind blowing.  I immediately went to work buying, cutting and bending recycled aluminum into cruiser skateboards.

The first few aluminum skateboards were super shreddy but without a name, a place to manufacture and a place to sell I knew that by the end of the summer I’d run out of steam.  My first lead came when buying new bearings at Proof Lab Surf and Skate in Mill Valley.  Pat Foster and the rest of the crew were super encouraging and offered to start selling if I improved the design a bit. A chance encounter at a taco shop introduced me to Alec Shaw of Marin Metalworks, who to my amazement set me up with a tiny desk and a key to his shop in Sausalito. I drew out a logo on cardboard and decided on the name: Overland Boards in reference to the durability I wanted to be central to the company.  

The OVRLND logo and name came about from the consistent shortening of “Overland Boards” when labeling shipments, prototypes and company tools during that first formative year in Sausalito before I left for college in Vermont. Today, this less formal name rings true to what Overland Boards has become.  OVRLND is a brand with roots in creating not just another skateboard, but a new experience.  OVRLND is a low key, high performer of a skateboard, and is more about shredding around with your buds or for transportation than it is about hitting the park or bowl for hours every day.  OVRLND is the feeling when the wheels hit the road -or trail- on a Friday afternoon with the weekend up for the taking, for exploring and letting the stoke guide you forwards.  

#shredtilldead !