Alex Howard


Alex Howard // Ski Bum Salz // Bullshark // Salz


Ultimate Burrito:

Carnitas, cheese, green rice, pinto beans, guac, hot salsa. 


What’s up:

Cal Poly SLO Landscape Architecture. Construction in the summer. Love to shred on my home base trails in the loamy redwood forests out of Mill Valley. In SLO my favorite riding spot is Montano de Oro. I love to skate any reasonable hill with good pavement and I like to occasional hit the park. But always sore for a few days after hitting the park. Particularly stoked on the 3 weeker MTB/Chillin road trip with Ponce and weekend trips to Big Sur with the slomies.


Instagram:   burritos_for_breakfast

Strava:        Walter Sobchak

Tumblr:       abullshark