When you buy Overland, you're buying the last board you will ever need.  Aluminum lasts!  Although your bushings, bearings and wheels will wear out over time, our decks don't crack, chip, delaminate or lose stiffness. Riders frustrated with the relative flimsiness of wooden skateboards or longboards will smile every time their Overland hits a curb or takes a rough drop. Overland decks can withstand high speed impacts and cruise away with mere scratches. 


Overland decks are designed to compliment an active and ever-changing lifestyle. Whether you're riding on wet, cracked, or cramped roadways, our decks will stick with you through every push, pump, and carve. There's no need to worry about your deck giving out before you do - your Overland invites you to push your limits as a skater under most any conditions. 


Aluminum, by nature, is heavier than wood.  This makes for a more stable ride, and therefore more confidence from our riders. This allows Overland skaters to slide farther, push harder, and skate for longer. Stepping on an aluminum board, skaters feel their potential immediately. 



"The first thing I notice when riding an Overland Deck is that there is no give like there is in wood. The ride quality remains true even at high speed.  When you get that unforgettable wheel chatter when sliding, the board doesn't flex and become unpredictable like a wood deck, my Overland board stays stiff and allows controlled movement out of any tough situation. What I like most about my Overland when sliding is that the majority of the weight of the board feels like it is under both trucks, meaning when you put the board sideways, that weight at the trucks keeps the board going so that you don't have to throw the slide as hard."

-Max Shulman, San Luis Obispo, CA

"The other day, I asked a friend to go for a skate around town. 'Eh, it's kinda wet...' was his reply. After a few months riding an Overland, I had forgotten that such manageable conditions could be an issue. I ride my skateboard when I want to."

- Gabe Weisbuch, Montclair, NJ

"I don't know what it is really, maybe its the stiffness or the placement of the weight, but when I ride an Overland I just feel powerful - like I can do so much more on a skateboard. Whether it's just ripping around town or sliding, it just feels more natural."

- Ramon Pareja, Mill Valley,CA